Our Services:

At SKILLS RECRUITMENT, we offer qualified candidates, guaranteeing the volume of the openings of our Clients. Our main objective is to exceed our client´s expectations, by providing support and a permanent consultancy, always looking to fulfill their requirements by providing qualified and sufficient candidates to support the selection process at competitive costs and according to the requested profile.

Outsourcing of technical and administrative personnel; Payroll process

Labor relation established, to acquire the obligations of the employer of our Clients, thus giving them more “Labor Flexibility”. The employer’s responsibility within this scheme belongs to SKILLS RECRUITMENTS, however the supervision and direction of the Employee is of our Client.

What are the advantages?

  • Save time and money during the recruiting and selection processes.
  • Reduction on lawyer’s fees for counseling and or legal services.
  • Severance payments are eliminated due to the fact that the labor responsibility with each employees, is ours.
  • Cost reduction of Recruiting, Selection and Hiring as well as the payroll processes ( Social Security, Housing etc.)
  • Reduction of operational costs due to the fact that the Company set the salaries and benefits of the personnel hired under this scheme.
  • It is a filter to incorporate valuable employees, once the temporary period of employment is completed.


We search for the best candidate based on the profile provided by the Client, using direct recommendation and diverse communication media capable of spreading the information in a direct and specific manner.

  • Advertising and promotion, the press, websites, Social networks and Local stages of the Industry